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Pastor's Message

Decorative writing, From the PastorAlthough we don't know exactly how the pandemic began, most of us consider the starting point as the day everything shut down. For that is the moment everything changed.

The end of the pandemic will be just as murky. Epidemiologists have already informed us that there will be no exact moment that will be considered the end.

In fact, Covid-19 is probably here to stay. Vaccines and booster shots will be an ongoing fact of life. Outbreaks will occur now and again leading to occasional masking and social distancing.

Our lives have forever been changed by this experience.

The shut downs from the beginning of the pandemic led to a shortage of supplies (remember the supermarket shelves empty of paper towels, toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer?). At this current stage, we now have a shortage of workers. As a result, many businesses have curtailed their hours because of a lack of staff. Some restaurants are closed on Mondays because of the shortage. It is not uncommon to approach a business to find a sign on the door, "Closed due to lack of employees."

Much of what we now "suffer" through are just inconveniences. The sickness and loss of life is the real suffering that we have had to cope with.

Some of our employment issues deal with that fact that low-income workers are receiving more income from government sources than they would at their jobs. However, many workers with good jobs and good pay are quitting and the reasons are myriad. Much of it has to do with time spent at home during the pandemic. Workers had time to think and re-evaluate their lives and positions. Some have retired earlier than they had planned. Others have decided that spending more time with family was preferable than spending more time at work. 

Our lives have forever been changed by this experience.

As we do our best to return to normal at Trinity, we know that things will not be the same. We have made necessary changes for the safety of our members and we have had to make some structural changes to meet the needs of administrating the ongoing activities of our church. Some are noticeable and some are not.

As we attempt at getting back to a more normal operation of our ministry at Trinity, we have prepared this mini newsletter to re-acquaint you with the many ministries that are available. Who they are, what they do, when they meet, etc. 

I hope you read through this report and as you become informed of the many ways we serve God and our community, maybe pray for guidance to see if God is calling you to serve in some new way.

Our lives have forever been changed by this experience, but the word of God carries on in the words of Jesus, "And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age." (Matthew 28:20NRSV)

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Andy

"So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers..."
Ephesians 4:11