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Happy New Year! As we ring in the New Year, we often bring in changes with it. Most of us will struggle for the next few weeks to write 2019 on the checks we write as opposed to 2018. As frustrating as that may seem, we eventually adjust. This morning I received my quarterly copy of Seeds for the Parish, A Resource Paper for Leaders of the ELCA. The lead article was informing it's readers that this would be the last print edition of the publication. It will live on as a monthly e-newsletter. Several other publications that I subscribe to informed me that my November/December issue would be my last issue of their publication in print. The electronic world of publications is finally eclipsing the world of print.

At Trinity we will begin the New Year with a major change. We will no longer have an 11:15am service. Beginning January 6th, we will have only two services; 8:30am and 10:00am. I am not going to take up space in this article to reiterate the rationale behind this, that was explained in my report at our 2018 Annual Meeting.

For several years our congregation council has planned some type of winter event to bridge the activity gap between Christmas and Lent. This year we will be hosting a "Sing Along, Bring Along" brunch on January 27th. Bring a dish to share and we will enjoy brunch together after the 10:00am service has concluded. Then we will return to the sanctuary for a sing along. It is our plan to have more activities in the time slot after church and this will be our first. Also, moving the Annual Meeting from late afternoon to 11:00am made a significant increase in attendance. We are hoping that this time slot will help to get more members in attendance at events. I hope you are able to join us. If you do, make something good, I like to eat!

As you know, there are several Sundays during the year when we have a Unity Service (one service only at 10:00am). As these Sunday’s approach, they will be listed in the Sunday Bulletin, the monthly newsletter calendar and the Friday e-mail. There will be plenty of notice. At the request of the church council, I am listing the entire schedule of Unity Services in this article. They are as follows:

April 28 - The Second Sunday of Easter (also known as "low" Sunday)
May 26 - The Sixth Sunday of Easter (Memorial Day Weekend)
July 7 - The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (July 4th Weekend)
September 1 - The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost (Labor Day Weekend)
December 22 - The Fourth Sunday of Advent (The Sunday before Christmas)
December 29 - The First Sunday after Christmas (The Sunday after Christmas)

We will be making some minor changes at 10:00. First, we will have the Praise Band worship service the second Sunday of the month. Since both Palm Sunday and Pentecost (the day of confirmation) occur on second Sundays, we will have our regular worship on those days. Also, in the near future we will begin reading all three of the appointed lessons for the day instead of just the reading that is the focus of the sermon. Other minor changes to the service may occur from time to time to keep things fresh and interesting.

Grace and Peace,