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It seems as if summer is finally here. After a long, cold, snowy winter, we have just had our first day of 105-degree temperatures (the thermometer only hit 95 but the effective temperature according to the news was 105). As I take some time to reflect upon the past year, I can't believe that the 500th anniversary of the Reformation has come to an end! I can't wait till we hit the 1000th anniversary! Plus, all the Reformation 500 merchandise is now selling at a discount.

You might recall that in September, I had placed two copies of two different books about the Reformation in the sanctuary that anyone could borrow. I know that several people did have a chance to borrow and read them. However, during the holidays our sanctuary begins to overflow with our food baskets and project angel tree. As a result, the books made their way back into my office and have been collecting dust for most of 2018. I would like to put them out again for anyone who might enjoy reading them.

The first book is Martin Marty's, October 31, 1517. According to the June 2016 edition of Living Lutheran, "This momentous moment in Christian history is captured and assessed by Martin E. Marty. His central point is that Luther's bold act of protest was a call for repentance or a change of heart." The book is only 92 pages long, a quick and easy read. The second book is from Concordia Publishing House titled, The Reformation, by Cameron MacKenzie. The book is presented in coffee table style and is intended to be engaging and accessible to all readers. It is however, longer and more intense than Marty's book, but it does have plenty of pictures.

In September, when these books where first put out for your pleasure, I asked people to return them in a timely manner so that others would have a chance to read them. That is no longer an issue. If you are going on vacation and would like to borrow one or both to read on the beach, or wherever else your travels may take you, please take them with you.

Also, you should know that the church council has voted unanimously to go to a summer schedule this year. Beginning on Sunday, July 22nd and ending on Sunday, September 9th there will by only two services, 8:30 and 10:00. We know that this will be inconvenient for some of our members, but due to declining attendance at this service and the noticeable drop in that attendance over the summer months, the council believed it was appropriate to try this change. The reason this will begin on July 22nd is due to the fact that there are Baptisms scheduled for July 15th at that service. I would also remind you that on Sunday, September 2nd, Labor Day Weekend, we will have one service only at 10:00am (our Unity Service). Our Praise Band Contemporary Worship Service will resume on Sunday, October 14th.

If you are traveling this summer, or staying home, I wish you a blessed summer and pray that you will be able to find much needed rest and relaxation during this warmer season of the year.

Grace and Peace,