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As I write this article I am only days away from beginning my vacation. As you read this article I am only days away from returning and I am already thinking about what lies ahead in September. My first Sunday back will be a unity service at 10:00 with no Sunday school. There will be fellowship time with coffee and donuts immediately following the service. Although we have been doing the unity services for a few years now, there is still some confusion about when they are scheduled. In order to help keep things clear and to give you advanced warning I am including a schedule of unity services for the year below:

• September 3, 2017, Unity Service 10:00 am - Labor Day Weekend.
• December 24, 2017, Unity Service 10:00 am - The Sunday Before Christmas
    Note: Christmas Eve Services will be at 6:00, 8:00 and11:00 pm.
• December 31, 2017, Unity Service 10:00 am - The Sunday After Christmas
• April 8, 2018, Unity Service I 0:00am
    This is the Sunday after Easter a.k.a. Low Sunday
• May 27, 2018, Unity Service - Memorial Day Weekend.
• July 1, 2018, Unity Service, - July 4th Weekend.
• September 2, 2018, Unity Service - Labor Day Weekend.

From time to time the council may adjust the schedule and include an additional unity service for a special occasion as needed.

Beginning on September 13, our Bible Study group will be studying: Reformation Roots. This study is from Select Learning's Church History Series. This is a twelve session course so we will have ten sessions prior to the Thanksgiving and Christmas break and resume in January for the final two sessions. This course is a combination video/lecture. The following is an excerpt from the description of the course:

Do you ever wonder why we have so many Christian denominations, and if there is really much difference between them? The answers to these questions lie in the dramatic and turbulent times of the Reformation This high definition series brings to life the stories and struggles that still impact us today.

The first eight sessions deal with the developments leading up to the Reformation and Martin Luther's role in it. The last four deal with the Swiss, Radical, English and Catholic Reformation (areas we tend to give little attention to in the Lutheran Church). Come join us as we journey through this enlightening journey of faith.

We have been invited to join with other churches to pray for our country on September I 11th The service will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Blackwood at 7:00 pm. More details will follow.

Grace and Peace,