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Christmas 2017

I have often heard people say, "I wish Christmas would last all year!" I think this past year was Christmas all year in our home, since we got a new hot water heater, a new washer and dryer, a new dishwasher, a new garbage disposal and we will be needing a new heater very soon (not to mention both of our patio tables were destroyed during the storm in October). Maybe we have had enough Christmas this year.

In other ways it has been a great year. Dan is now nineteen years old and proudly was graduated from high school in June. Dan will begin his college career in January as he has been accepted to Rowan College at Gloucester County. After years of talking about getting a degree in culinary arts, Dan has declared digital photography as a major. Since we have never seen him cook anything, I can't say I am disappointed. However, we have never seen him take any pictures either. Dan still enjoys playing video games and spending time with his friends.

Jake is now a junior at Washington Township High School. For those who have not seen him lately he is well over six feet tall. Jake is doing well in school and loves making things in wood shop. He is now in his second year of studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and really enjoys learning new moves and grappling with his opponents. He is still a big fan of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champions), and usually gets to watch a series of bouts once a month.

Amy has had a difficult year. Memorial Day Weekend, she was diagnosed with shingles. Then on June 22nd she fell off the attic ladder and broke her shoulder. A month into her recovery her doctor recommended surgery, because she was not healing properly. She was unable to drive for the entire summer and as a result was off from work. Amy's mom was a great help in driving Amy to doctor appointments, therapy and any place else she needed to go. We spent much more time together this summer, since she was home and amazingly we are still married! Amy has just completed her therapy (she must continue her exercises at home on her own) and has been told it will be about a year for full recovery. She is beginning her third year at Murray & Becker CPA's. This past May Amy went to Cozumel Mexico with her friend Angel and had a fantastic time. She also enjoys spending time with her friend Melissa, whom she has known since jr. high school.

I have been so busy that the year seems like a blur. Amy and I were both invited to attend the 75th anniversary of the St. Paul in Beachwood, the first congregation I served. It was great to see so many people from our past and catch up on their lives. However, it was shocking to know that the children from our first youth group are now in their forties and have children of their own. We also attended the 90th anniversary of our home congregation, Our Savior in Haddonfield. Although it was a terribly wet and stormy night, we had a wonderful time. It seems incomprehensible that we met there 39 years ago. I enjoy going to the gym and have been working hard at dieting and losing weight. In the spring I began attending the cardio fitness boot camp about twice a week. It was really tough at the beginning, but I needed to do something to boost my workout and it has paid off.

Despite all the things that broke this year (including Amy's shoulder) we would be hard pressed to say it was not a good year. We have been blessed in so many ways. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!