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By the time you read this article, summer will have officially begun, the annual picnic will be a memory and Christmas will be exactly six months away. A long time ago, it seemed as if the church slowed down during the summer months and we could catch our breath. Maybe that was true or maybe it is just a "romantic" memory of how things used to be. Regardless of the past it seems as if the summer months offer us plenty of activity here at Trinity. Yes, most of our groups don't meet in July or August and the council has one July/August meeting. However, many activities go on throughout the summer. We still have three services of worship most Sunday mornings (with exception of the holidays). The food pantry and clothing closet function and continue to reach the needs of many in our community. And as the summer comes to an end our social concerns group will be collecting back to school items for the needy. Things may slow down a bit during the summer months but life goes on. There will be baptisms, funerals, hospital visits and home communions.

I would remind you that we will continue our tradition of holding unity services (one service at 10:00am) on holiday weekends. On July 2nd we will have a unity service in recognition of our Nation's birth (July 4th). We will also observe Labor Day weekend (September 3rd) with a unity service. Such weekends are usually poorly attended, so the unity service can be quite uplifting when we gather together as one. This year we are adding one additional unity service to our schedule and that will be on July 30th. I have often joked to the council that the attendance in July is low, and that the fifth Sunday of any month is low as well, but when the fifth Sunday of the month is in July it is usually the worst attended Sunday of the year! Let's see if our unity service can lift us up as we praise the Lord in one service. Of course each unity service is followed by refreshments and fellowship.

On July 20th we will have our second annual summer movie night. Are you ready for intrigue, love, loyalty, betrayal, forgiveness and reconciliation? Not to mention an exhilarating chariot race? Oh, and Jesus makes an appearance too! This year we will view Ben Hur (2016 version). The movie is approximately two hours long and is rated PG 13.

The last week of July we will have our Vacation Bible School. Out theme is Camp Out - Getting S'More of Jesus. The program will run from Monday, July 24th through Friday, July 28th with the congregation invited to our annual block party on Friday night. Anyone interested in helping should contact the church office or attend the VBS meeting on Tuesday, June 27th at 6:30 PM. We will be having a blessed and busy summer.

Grace and Peace,